Cronicle of solidarity actions

26/11/O7 Thessaloniki, the day of vaggelis arrest
gathering of 100 people in front of the general police station. Also the following days as first response to the state's attack, groups of people spraypainted various places in the city center, put posters, and distrubuted texts.
03/12/07 Thessaloniki, intervation at "makedonia's" newspaper offices witch it published the photos of the 3 wanted comrades
05/12/07 Τhessaloniki, demo in "ano poli" neighborhood, 150 people, where vaggelis and the 3 where living
13/12/07 Athens, occupation at the lawyer's association and
the "friends of the police club"
14/12/08 Thessaloniki concert for solidarity and economical support
Κοmotini, demo from 200 people at the jail that vaggelis is being nold
Thessaloniki, Municipal vehicle on fire
24/12/08 Athens, Molotov cocktail attack against security vehicles
05/01/07 Athens, Arson at ruling party offices
15/01/08 Diverse cities, Radio-stations occupied in solidarity to prisoners
19/01/08 Athens, Bank firebombed and responsibility claim
21/01/08 Athens-Thessaloniki Series of incendiary attacks
Thessaloniki, Gas canister attack at Triandria City Hall
23/01/08 Thessaloniki, Stones and paints against 2 ruling party offices
25/01/01 Athens, concert for solidarity and economical support
20-21/02/08 Thessaloniki, occupation of the laywers assosiation offices and public meeting about the anti-terror law
Thessaloniki, soidarity demo 700 people
Cologne, germany, solidarity gathering in front of greek consulate. The action was organised by Antifa AK kolh
31/03/08 Thessaloniki,Attack against Bank
08/04/08 Thessaloniki, Arsonists hit tax collector offices
Athens, national Power Company vehicle torched
Athens, Arsonists hit car agencies
17/05/08 Thessaloniki,Arsonists hit a bank
Thessaloniki, solidarity gathering with info soundsystem
27/05/05 Thessaloniki, manifestation 100 and more people, with cars and motorbikes in diavata prison where vaggelis was transfered for few days.

27/05/08 Thessaloniki, Bank vehicle set on fire
Athens-Thessaloniki Series of arson attacks communice
03/06/08 Amsterdam, Windows smashed and paint at the greek tourist office
04/06/08 Τhessaloniki, public meeting about the case from "antiauthoritarian movement" and "network for social and civil rights"
16/09/08 Thessaloniki, Incendiary device damages offices of Mega Security at Triandria

P.S. Probably some actions are missing. The only reason is the lack of information. I